Educational Ballet, Ages 8-10 (Age 8 by 09/01/19)

Educational Ballet, Ages 8-10 (Age 8 by 09/01/19)

from 270.00

2019-20 Saturdays 12:30-2:00pm

This class is for students who have ballet experience, but only want to attend a ballet class one day per week. The Fall 2019 Term will focus on technique and mastering the most important ballet steps so students gain strength and precision for more complicated steps to be learned during the Spring 2020 Term.

Girls’ Dress: Solid-Color Leotard, Pink Footed Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers. Skirts and Tutus are not permitted.

Boys’ Dress: White T-Shirt, Black Tights or Leggings, Black Ballet Slippers.

* 2019-20 tuition price includes costume fee and registration fee.
* Fall Term tuition price includes registration fee.

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